Wedding highlighting princess dream-[Handsome tie]

May. 04, 2021

Pink! The princess dream in the girl's heart has an indelible position in the girl's heart. The romantic beauty of the pink scene, all the beautiful wedding visions, tinged with the pink halo, boil and sublimate at the moment of the wedding, and stick to the bottom of my heart! Wandering in the wonderful fairy tale world will make the wedding dream full of happiness and sweet charm.

pink tie

In this warm wedding, bridegroom usually choose blue, gray and white suits. At this time, it is necessary to choose a dark blue + pink tie suit. The solemn and luxurious blue brings a touch of beauty and memory in youth and sweetness under the reflection of pink tie. Pink tie is the base color and blue is the embellishment color; Pink match, bridegroom more warm and considerate and handsome talent!

pink tie

Handsome tie

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