The custom tie of ham travel agency-[Handsome tie]

Donald ham, a former medstone bus driver and driving coach, and his wife, Patricia, founded ham travel agency in fairwell, Sussex, in 1962. Hams Travrl provides private coach services to Kent and Sussex communities as well as registered bus services.

Hams travel services represent the Kent County Council. A team of professional and friendly drivers will pick up and drop off passengers at any authorized bus stop along the route, and we sell and accept discovery tickets, a program operated through Kent & Sussex to provide you with most operators' travel.

In 2013, when the travel agency bought souvenirs, it chose to customised ties. Our British regular customers were very lucky to receive this order. Through selection, color matching and proofing, we finally chose a club tie with dark red dot and hams Travrl letters. From placing an order to receiving an order, both the customer and the travel agency are very satisfied.


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