Gift tie for Hawaii surfing Championships-[Handsome tie]

Hawaii is the only archipelago state in the United States, composed of 132 islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The land area is 16700 square kilometers. Hawaii is an island type climate, which is regulated by monsoon all the year round. The annual temperature is about 26 ℃ - 31 ℃. Hawaii's main industries include tourism, defense industry and agriculture. Due to the pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, the tourism industry is very developed, with an average annual tourist volume of more than 7 million people. Oahu Island is a tourism concentrated area. As tourism plays an important role in the economy of Hawaii, the government of Hawaii attaches great importance to the protection of environment and tourism resources. Honolulu, the capital of Honolulu, is a tourist attraction. The most attractive place is Waikikii beach. It is windy and sunny all year round, with blue sky. It is suitable for swimming, surfing, boating and fishing. About 2000 ships enter and leave Honolulu every year, and up to 400000 passengers enter and leave Honolulu international airport every day.

Shengzhou Handsome Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional design, production and sales of neckties, bow ties and other men's accessories related products. Since its establishment in 2001, it has been committed to leading the trend of urban fashion, advocating personalized exclusive taste and making gift custom logo ties. In 2017, a customer came to us through the international Alibaba website, and through the understanding of our company, he proposed to make a gift custom logo ties for Hawaii surfing championship. According to the customer's requirements and pictures, we explained the fabric characteristics of tie fabric polyester and mulberry silk, and also communicated about the size of tie. Finally, the customer chose a high-end tie made of 100% mulberry silk. And then from the confirmation of the sample belt to the shipment of the order, our company finally won the high recognition of customers with accurate and unbiased professional technology and production process.

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